Backing up multiple Macs to TrueNas

Would anyone mind pointing me in the right direction to get me started please?

I have TimeMachine setup to backup a few macs but dont want to solely rely on it for a backup to my Nas (I already backup to iCloud aswell). Can anyone recommend any programmes for doing this? I have seen Synching in the apps store but not sure if this is going to do what I want.

Thanks for all of the help upto now, it’s been a bit of a steep learning curve and your help is appreciated.


I’ve got multiple macs on my network and Syncthing has worked like a charm for our organization. Couldn’t be happier with it. We’re using it to back up our iCloud data (I keep 180 daily snapshots for this) in addition to other misc folders that Syncthing watches for us.

Great, so if I understand this correctly, I can install Synching on my Macs and just use it to backup to TrueNas?

Also I see two versions available, one standard and the other enterprise. I could only find one install video on TrueNas YouTube and it said to install enterprise but I only use it for home, so not sure what the difference is and if I would actually benefit.

That’s right. It’s an easy install on the mac. The standard container image has worked well for us.