Couple of queries regarding pool drive replacement

Hey guys,

I woke up today to find that one of my mirrored pools had become degraded due to a failing drive. I have a pair of Samsung 980 NVMe’s in this pool, granted not exactly high endurance drives, although I was only using them for Windows VM.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have looked around and it seems that the WD SN700 may be a good replacement, relatively inexpensive as I am only requiring a 1TB drive. What do people here think of the WD SN700?

  2. I may choose to swap out the remaining working Samsung 980 to a WD SN700, at the same time, however doing so would obviously kill my pool. Would I be correct in thinking that once I have the replacement WD SN700 in the pool, I can simply allow time for the mirror process to complete, and then swap out the remaining Samsung 980 with a second SN700 and all would be well ? Just looking to essentially swap out both drives for new ones, while retaining the pool integrity and not having to re-do my VM’s.

  3. I have never replaced a drive in TrueNas before, is there a recommended process of replacing a faulty pool drive?

Many thanks,

Yep, so long as the capacity of the SN700s is at least equal to that of your current 980s.

Yes, and it’s in the docs.


Thanks, I will look through the Docs and see if I can find it. This may or may not be answered in the docs but is there a way to check the re-mirroring progress once the replacement drive is installed ? I would like to double check it is done before replacing the second (currently working) samsung drive.


It’ll show up on the pool status page, or as a running task.

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