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Recently bought X12SPA-TF from Supermicro. My question is how do i know the CPU Support list? I couldn’t find it on the Supermicro website. The product page and manual says:

Supports a single 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable/Intel Xeon W-33xx Series processorr (in Socket P+ LGA 4189) with up to 40 CPU cores and a thermal design power (TDP) of up to 270W

So, i get the following:

  • CPU must be LGA4189
  • CPU must be under 270W and must not exceed 270W. It can cause a crash or high temps or the Motherboard may not even support it.

But the real question is does this Motherboard limited to Xeon W-33xx CPUs only or can i use Xeon Silver/Gold/Platinum?


According to what you quoted, it can use 3d gen Xeon Scalable and Xeon W-33xx CPUs. The “Scalable” are the silver/gold/platinum models.


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Just wanted to double check with someone who is expert. Thanks @dan

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Intel has a useful web site describing their products;
For your Scalable processors, which at present none exceed 270 TDP watts;


Some “off-roadmap” Xeons go beyond 270 W (up to 330 W for the 8377A and 8377C). :fire:

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