Double data migration

Hi all. I’m new here, and I’ve built a Proxmox HOST and a TreuNAS core VM to (hopefully) have my new NAS storage for PLEX, backups, files, etc.
Now, I’ll preface by saying that Linux & Proxmox are all new to me but I’m learning as I go and it’s pretty interesting.
Here is my situation:
I need to move the media I have on a basic Win10 PC (about 9.5TB of HD&4K Movies, HD&4KTV Shows, and music) spread across 3 sizes of disks, 6 total. (x2 2TB, x2 4TB, & x2 6TB)
I want to move that data from the Windows 10 PC…to TrueNAS (SMB shares) where I have a temporary 16TB striped pool. This is temporary because once I free up the drives in the Windows PC, and verify the data on the TrueNAS pool, I want to wipe them and add them to my Proxmox server where I have many extra bays available.
Issue #1.
I’ve started a robocopy /MOVE to the pool on TrueNAS…but it occasionally it will lose connection due to my CPU &/or RAM being maxed out. Why is that? I even added a LOT of resources thinking it would help…but then read somewhere that TrueNAS does something when media is added that uses RAM somehow?
(I have 2 sockets with 8 cores each…and 64GB RAM) I know that’s overkill probably, but thought it would help with the VM crashing or freezing or whatever.
It just recently froze moving a movie over, and I always have to “Stop” the VM because a reboot or Shutdown doesn’t ever work. I don’t like doing that…
Also, I tried the /COPYALL switch and I get a permissions error that I can’t write or something?

Issue/dilemma #2.
I know using a different RAID config is better practice. But what would some of you suggest with the potential configuration of drives available:
x6 4TB WD NAS Red+
x6 6TB WD NAS Red+
x2 2TB WD NAS Red+

Asus Hyper M.2 PCIe card with x4 1TB drives (I have TWO of these cards installed, so, 8TB total nvme drives in 2 PCIe slots. Configured at x4x4x4x4) Uncertain how to best utilize these…

Final step: Moving all that data a 2nd time to the permanent storage solution. This is what I’m asking, in preparation, by Issue/dilemma #2. Wish there was a quicker way to copy everything over…but it’s all dependent on the disk speeds for read/write.

Any suggestions or help in moving that data efficiently…would be helpful.

Please post your specific hardware and software details as it will help everyone understand your current server setup and issues.

Taking a guess that you don’t need all those resources assigned to the TrueNAS Core VM at this time of just copying / moving files from Win 10 PC. There are also questions of how the drives are connected within your server, HBA, etc.

Here is a bit more specific details to hardware:

MoBo: Asus Z10PE D16 WS
Hypervisor OS: WD NVME with Proxmox OS installed (directly connected to the board M.2 slot)

LSI 9300-16i HBA card with the following:
4x 6TB drives attached
4x 4TB drives attached

Asus Hyper M.2 x16 PCIe 3.0 cards x2

  • Each has 4x 1TB NVMe drives installed. 8TB total across 2 PCIe cards.
    (not using this for anything…yet)

4U 24 bay SAS SFF-8643 12G backplane

TrueNAS installed on VM
x4 4TB WD NAS Red drives in a striped volume that’s mounted to TrueNAS, shared, and copying files currently.
I’ve scaled back the TrueNAS resources to just 16GB of RAM & 8 CPU cores.
It tends to crash or lose network connectivity when doing the data transfer with a robocopy command.
I’ve done xcopy of another set of data, smaller amount total, and still get drive drops and need to kill & boot the VM again.

Have you read the guides regarding virtualizing TrueNAS? One guide linked but there should be others from the old forum. (Browse Old Forum link in upper right on webpage)

Found other guide

How are you passing the drives through to the VM? Usual recommendation is to pass the entire controller. Are you noticing any error messages or hints in Proxmox or TrueNAS?

I’ve tried selecting the PCIe device as a raw device, because nothing is shown under “mapped”, and that makes Proxmox crash or freeze and I can no longer get to it.

Have you read through the guides on Virtualizing TrueNAS? TrueNAS wants and needs direct access to hardware is the short answer

You also should post a complete hardware and software listing for your setup so others can understand what is going on. How proxmox is set up along what is currently running and the TrueNAS setup. There should be examples of what everyone needs to see if you browse previous posts about virtualizing TrueNAS but it might be in the old forums.

Maybe see if there are any YouTube videos of good Proxmox with TrueNAS VM and they show how it is set up.