Downgrading from 2 CPUs to 1 - any gotchas?

I’ve got a SCALE server that’s running on a motherboard with 2 CPUs. Power is expensive where I live and I’m not doing anything that truly necessitates the 2nd CPU, and my manual confirms I can run the same amount of RAM with only 1 CPU. I’ve never done a downgrade such as this, so I figure it’s best to ask if there are any gotchas here.

One thing I am aware of is that I’m going to need to move some PCI cards around to different slots, as I originally plugged them in willy-nilly, and realize now that most of them are in slots for CPU2 and need to be moved to slots for CPU1. This includes my 10G network card and two different SATA cards, each handling its own pool.

Should I export my pools before the downgrade to be safe? Or should it “just work” even with moving the cards around to new slots?

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No gotcha. Just power down the server, move cards around, and power up.


It’s possible the network interface name will change, and thus that you’ll have to reconfigure it–mine did when I swapped motherboards. Other than that, I wouldn’t anticipate any problems.


Well that could be an issue - I guess I’d accomplish that from the console?

Sure, that’s a good option.
Another option would be using IPMI/BMC if your motherboard offers it.

Not even. We’re talking about removing one CPU from a dual socket board here. And the NIC is a 10 GbE card, which will only change slot.

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My 10gbe card is named based on its slot…

ens5f0 and ens5f1

s5 is slot #5

Perhaps I’ll move everything to new slots before removing the CPU to make sure everything works as expected first. Incremental downgrade :slight_smile:


Always best to do 1 thing at a time, confirm working, then do the next step, less headaches later when trying to sort out any problems.