Drives, and config setup

Hi all!

I want to build my own NAS based on TrueNAS Scale.

Purposes of use:

  1. Sharing 50-100 GB of personal data via local network and Internet.
  2. Streaming 1080p MKV movies on PLEX via LAN, possibly also via Internet.
  3. Running a torrent client.

The following configuration:
ASUS B150M-K motherboard
Intel i7-7700T processor
Corsair HX520 power supply

WD Green 240 GB SATA
Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB SATA 2 pieces
6 TB SATA HDD (for movies)

What would be the best way to separate disks, datasets, pools, how would it be good?

Sensitive data would be backed up to a network drive daily.

Thanks for the help.

Hi! Before install TN you must care about

  • your integrated nic is Realtek, you need an Intel one (lucky they are cheap)
  • the spinning drive must be CMR

With the disk you have, IMHO, the best choice is:

  • the SATA wd green for pool in stripe
  • the SATA 2x evo in mirror pool dedicated to apps
  • the spinning disk for storage, in stripe

Using multi report script provide you a security in case boot pool fail, sending weekly the config backup, and no need to mirror.
You can setup replication task of the app mirrorred pool on the storage pool, for a fast insite backup.
For the storage pool, i reccomend you to put another disk with same capacity as soon as you can. Imagine disk fail and you have only backup the data, and Need to recreate the pool :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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It is highly unadvised to put your data on a single HDD. I don’t even know if TN/ZFS allows you to do that since there is no redundancy.

Also, you need more RAM and as previously mentioned, Intel NIC’s are recommended.

It does. You get a big red (iirc) warning note when you attempt to make the pool.

power supply might not be enough if you add in a GPU.