Filezilla and Scale

History a bit. From the previous forum. I started using Core as a server host for Minecraft for my kids and their friends. After Core and MineOS stopped agreeing, I had to swith back to Windows based servers. So yesterday, I switched to Scale. It’s different. But, nice so far. My issue, witch I assume is my fault somewhere, is I can’t get Filezilla to even connect to my server. I am wondering a few things.

  1. What user do i use? Admin, root or mine?
  2. What is roots default pass? I know its used but I don’t know the password.
    3.What port is used? 20,21,22,80? I have no idea.
  3. Do i need to create a new user just to use Filezilla?
  4. Is there other file injection programs that do work as well? Im just trying to import currently used servers and can’t just copy/paste it.
  5. Ftp or Sftp? It’s an option to click on and I assume it don’t matter?

This is round 2 for me trying Linux based thing in my life and it hasnt been a pleasant experience on both trys. At least this is one is installed and running so far. But, 14 hours of trying to just inject software made me a little upset to say the least.

Thank you.