Full access to SMB share folder for special user? how to?


I have created some users in SMB share folder

|_ User1
|_ User2

Each user of the Home directory has ownership of their directories, eg User1 can’t access User2 etc… everything is good. But Why local administrator - admin@truenas can’t access them or even change ownership?

Do I have to exclusively log in with root user to be able to access all shared folders, though root ssh access is not enabled by default?

I just need this admin user to be able to access everyhing in SMB share, no matter if it’s owned by a regular user or not, is this possible?

I even tried to give access to admin user by:

setfacl -m u:admin:rwx /mnt/tank/Home/User1

this gives an error: Operation not supported

Any ideas?

all I needed to do was:

sudo su after login

stupid windows guy :frowning: