How to sync 2 local Truenas Core folders?

Hi, I find a lot of how-to’s on how to rsync 2 folders on 2 seperate truenas machines, but at this moment, the second machine isn’t setup yet.

I have 2 folders on the same truenas (core) machine (but seperate disks), that I want to keep synched, but I don’t know if this is possible?

Any help (or a how-to guide) is welcome!

Are you comfortable with Shell?

A simple:
rsync -av /mnt/tank/folder1 /mnt/tank/folder2

Should do it.


Thanks for the info. I was reading the rsync help files and was going to try this out, when I received the email notification fom your reply :slight_smile:

I also assume that you can automate this using CRON, but as I’m not that used to working with the CLI, I also don’t know yet how to do this correctly


EDIT: I just tried to copy/paste the CLI command into a CRON job using the web interface, and that seems to be working fine.