HW for Proxmox and TrueNAS


System to securely keep photos, backups, security camera footage (1 camera for now, movement triggered recording, max 30 days), other important data files (2TB x 2 should be sufficient). No film or music libraries. No gaming. And Proxmox server for few VM’s and containers as listed below. Main question: should that be one PC given limited requirements for HDD volume or two separate PC’s.

I have some old pc’s (full size towers) that I can possibly use for NAS purposes, but given the old motherboards and PSU’s I am afraid those will be power hungry. I would think that NAS SW is not RAM hungry, old PC’s I have are with 4-8GB RAM. This however would be rather cheap solution, only need to buy 2 HDD’s.

I do not think my old pc’s are suitable for Proxmox solution that I want. I would target 64-128 GB RAM, power sufficient system. I would use 512GB M2 for system. I can go with full size motherboard, place is not an issue, other factors are more relevant.

Having two separate PC’s (NAS + Proxmox) means two power using systems, requires quick connection between (reckon 1gb LAN card is sufficient, 2,5 gb would be additional investment).

So, should I target 1 or 2 PC’s to meet my needs??? Pros/cons and your thoughts are appreciated. Below are listed intended use.


RAID for max security – which RAID?

2TB*2 or similar.

Minimal (private video), few hours per year. 30 days of security camera footage, triggered by movement.

No film, audio library.

Photo library to hold historical pictures as well as copies from mobile’s.


Installation files for owned programs and shareware


VM’s : Home Assistant running 24/7. Some test VM’s with Windows, Linux running occasionally for test purposes.

Frigate 24/7, Photoprism, Jellyfin, Unifi controller.

Will be additional containers, but do not expect anything recourse hungry.

So, basically, you can do everything with TrueNAS on bare metal using VMs, jails and apps, and thus there is no actual reason to contemplate Proxmox.

Mosti likely your are right. I am comming from setup where I have Proxmox running on 5 years old laptop and data stored on old NAS unit without any SW solution that is available today. Therefore I am looking for HW solution while harvesting on my experience using Proxmox. I would gladly hear if you think one or two PC’s setup is best to achieve what I want?