Imported Disks and pool locked as read only and Child unviewable in Scale but accessable in Windows

Hello all, Thanks for reading and I hope all of you folks are doing well.
I got myself in a bit of a bind and am not too sure the best way out. I was running a Freenas 11.3-U3.1 server but as I was running hardware that gave issue when trying to run newer versions upgrading was not an option till now. I have upgraded my hardware and am now running Trunas Scale Dragonfish- I installed the new version then imported my pool. This happened flawlessly so I upgraded my pool and after setting up a new SMB share I had access. Issue was, writing or modifying data is blocked. So the dataset is stuck on Unix permissions and I am unable to see the file under Media_Server in Trunas, only the iocage. not too sure why I have the iocage, it was created by an app I tried in 11.3 that didn’t work. Let me know what you think I should try.

Here you can see all but one of the Children Scott is missing… “Will someone help Scott?” jk

Here we get a sense that Scott still exists but making it writable is eluding me.

P.S. I suck at command prompt, so you may have to break it down if you want me to poke around in there.
Thanks again for looking!