Looking for Peer Review

I have been using TrueNAS CORE on and off again since the FreeNAS days. I just finally dug my heals in and really started to research best practice for using TrueNAS and VMware. I found the resource and decided to publish a comprehensive post on my website to help other folks.

Would it be possible to get this peer reviewed?

iXsystems TrueNAS CORE and VMware

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Nice work on that.

The only thing for me was the part about the pools and requiriong X amount of drives.

For best performance, configure the disks into at least 5 mirrored vdevs.

Best performance varies for everyone. I have a 4 x NVMe pool with 2 vDEVs that run my VMs direct over NFS.

Someone else may be fine with a 2 disk mirror for their work loads. You could re-word it to note that a minimum would be 2 disks and go from there pending on the actual needs (and of course budget of the person)

Thank you for taking the time to review and provide feedback! Just to clarify, I did not come up with the recommendations, iXsystems did. This post (and my site, really) is just a giant notebook for me to use and hopefully help other people too. The intention of the post you reviewed was to illustrate the concepts from the recommendations.
While I was researching the recommendations, I learned quite a bit. Even in my own lab, however, I am unable to fulfill all of the recommendations, this one you mentioned about the 5 mirrored vdevs being one of them. My physical host can only accommodate eight disks and this recommendation would require a minimum of 10 disks. I had to alter this one in my lab (due to constraints), but still wanted to make a note of the actual recommendation by iXsystems.

Thank you again for reviewing!