Moved Pool to HBA - postmortem

Hi all,

I did some major surgery on my TrueNAS server. Here is what I did:

  1. I installed an HBA (LSI 9211-8i), flashed to the latest firmware, in IT mode
  2. Migrated my 6 spinning rust drives from the motherboard SATA to the HBA
  3. Added 2 new drives to the HBA
  4. Added two new SSDs to my now-freed motherboard SATA ports - these became my new boot drives (I had previously been booting from one of my two NVME drives)

After installation I booted up to my existing nvme boot drive, and the pool on spinning rust was automatically recognized - no issues whatsoever.

I then reinstalled TrueNAS on my new SSDs - each one is 128 gigs.

After that, I uploaded my original configuration file and rebooted, and everything was set!

I was amazed at how smoothly it went. I didn’t do any pool exports or imports. Maybe I should have - I don’t want to suggest how people should do this (I’m not an expert) but just wanted to leave this here in case anyone is afraid to do what I did.


Nope. That’s the process.

No export necessary unless you’re changing host. And when you uploaded the config the new install became the same host again.

(And it’s not the end of the world if you don’t export, it’s just to stop you corrupting a pool on another system accidentally)

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Thanks Stux. I did a bit of reading before the migration and I read some conflicting information, but it sounded like the way I approached it was at least acceptable, if not ideal.