New user first install SCALE

I have my NAS built, AsRock H270M ITX, I7-7700T, Samsung 128GB NVME boot, 3X WD Red 4TB SSD, 3X WD Red 10TB HDD, 16GB DDR4 3200 RAM.
TRENDnet 8 port Gigabit Switch.
Gutted Acer Veriton X4610G case because it’s so compact. Kinda crowded, though.
What I would like to do is hook up 3 different computers (airgapped from internet) and put all of my data on the NAS so that I can work with it from any of the three.
SSDs in a RAID 10 for fast access of things that I’m working on, and HDDs in a RAID 10 for storage of completed works.
I’ve installed SCALE, but am stuck in what looks like a DOS screen.
Youtube videos tell me “Now, go into your browser and…”
OK, where is the browser? I can’t find it.
Ummm… do I need to have one of my work computers connected so that I can use it’s web browser to access TrueNAS?
My NAS is currently sitting on a shelf, unconnected, because I got a little frustrated and gave up (temporarily).
Thanks for your help.

On one of your client computers?

So I need to have it connected to one of my other computers?
Be nice if one of the youtubers would say so.
Can I hook it up via the switch?

It is “Network Attached Storage”

Anyway, you attach the nas to your network. Then on a pc/Mac etc that’s also attached to your network, you navigate in a browser to the NAS’s IP address.

Then you see the dashboard interface. Which starts with a login screen.

And yes, it should just be a matter of plugging it into your switch.

We’re not responsible for what some random youtuber puts in his video. TrueNAS is extensively documented, but this might be deemed too obvious even for the TrueNAS docs.


Ah, thank you.
This is my first NAS build, and I know absolutely nothing about TrueNAS other than what it took to get it on the NVME drive.
Considering that all I want it for is non-internet shared storage between three computers, do you have any advice for me?
Such as how to set up two separate RAID arrays? Everything I find online assumes the user only wants one.
Yeah, I’ll probably need more help as the setup progresses…
Again, thanks.

Set up one with the drives you want in it, then repeat the steps with the other drives.

It wasn’t obvious to me. This is my first NAS build, and I don’t know enough to see what’s obvious to more experienced users.

A NAS is what you want.

But are you sure you want “two separate RAID arrays”


Because storage is expensive.
SSDs for faster access to stuff that I need to work with now.
HDDs for storage of completed work that I don’t need to access very often.

Oic, an SSD array and a HDD array.

Fair enough. Just make two pools. One after the other.

Thank you.


Doesn’t really work with 3 disks.

2 disks is a mirror, ie RAID1

Then you can add another 2 disks as another mirror, and stripe those two mirrors

Which is your RAID10 equivalent. But needs 4 disks.

OR you can make a 3-way RaidZ1, which gives you 2 disks of data and 1 disk of parity. Which is similar to RAID5

Right. I was thinking RAID 5, not 10. Mental glitch.
3-way RAIDZ1 it is, then.
Trust me, there is no room for more disks in this case. Or in my budget.

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