Nginx Proxy Manager won't deploy

When trying to install nginx-proxy-manager it stalls with the following:
Pool is HDD

2024-07-06 13:15:42 Startup probe failed: NOT OK
2024-07-06 13:15:09 Created container nginx-proxy-manager

2024-07-06 13:15:10.356028+01:00e[1;34m❯ e[1;36mConfiguring npm user …e[0m
2024-07-06 13:15:10.977045+01:00useradd warning: npm’s uid 568 outside of the UID_MIN 1000 and UID_MAX 60000 range.
2024-07-06 13:15:11.920812+01:00e[1;34m❯ e[1;36mConfiguring npm group …e[0m
2024-07-06 13:15:12.520453+01:00e[1;34m❯ e[1;36mChecking paths …e[0m
2024-07-06 13:15:12.643513+01:00e[1;34m❯ e[1;36mSetting ownership …e[0m

Add an Additional Environment Variable:

S6_STAGE2_HOOK=sed -i $d /etc/s6-overlay/s6-rc.d/prepare/

Then press update and the app will start correctly.



I have the same problem. But adding that Enviroment Variable does not fix it. And I already have it on my SSD pool

This fixed my issue, thanks a lot!

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You have the same log?

if not share, please.