Old FreeNas system died, Built a new system - but cannot view files on pool

I’m a noob. Had a FreeNas system running for the last 8 years, well it died. Storage drives are fine.

Grabbed some old parts, and installed the latest Truenas core TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1, that went fine - added my 4 drives from the old system - imported the pools, created a new user, turned on the sharing service, but cannot see the files. (I can see an old Plex jail that was on there but nothing else is viewable, all I see is MAIN which is what the drive was called, and then iocage. The drives show theres 630 gigs used.

I’ve read the manuals, forums, watched videos, not one explains what I could possibly be doing wrong or what I’m missing. I just want the files off of the drives then I’ll be moving to a different more user friendly NAS.

Please help

I’d go simple things first.

Drop into a shell (can do that from gui in scale or in core before 13.3) or via SSH. Then type

cd /mnt/poolname

Followed by


and see if anything is there. If there are files, they should show up and you’re likely dealing with a permissions issue?

If not, that suggests something else is afoot, like you imported the wrong pools.

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