Reverting back to Bluefin from Dragonfin

Hi All,

So I’m about ready to take my Dragonfin & Bluefin scales off Promxox and move to bare bones.

Before I do this I have one final question that searching the forum unless I’ve missed it I can’t find an answer.

I intend to just use Bluefin as it has the ability to sync with my Microsoft One Drive for pulling down my Documents and Pictures.

Currently the App as I have running on Dragonfin is Glances and Netdata, which I know work on Bluefin as well.

My question is will my Dragonfin pool which holds all my Movies/Music/TV/Promxox Iso etc etc. Will I be able to attach that to my bare bones bluefin or will I have issues?

I would prefer to stay on Dragonfin but losing the Microsoft One Drive has been a killer, which made me virtualise a second instant of Scale as Bluefin

Any thoughts, tips and I hope this is another detail. For full context I intend my scale to just be a Nas no VM/containers apart from some monitoring.

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From my (limited) experience TrueNAS doesn’t care as long as it can pick up the drives it (should) import the pool without any issues; unless you upgraded the pool to something a previous version is unable to work with. You might have to import the pool through GUI (‘import pool’ instead of ‘create pool’) or CLI it up.

Only complication I can think of would be encryption - in which case quadruple back up keys first.

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If the pool was made in Dragonfish, then it will use the Cobia/Dragonfish pool features and I would expect it to not work in Bluefin.


Thanks Stux, Originally the pool was bluefin, then cobia then dragonfin.

So I might have to make sure all the data is backed up is up to date then see what happens when I attach it to a Bluefin Scale

If you go to storage and look at your pools, do you see a blue Upgrade button on the right side? If you’ve previously upgraded the pools in Cobia or Dragonfish they’ll have the later OpenZFS major version and feature flags, which might make them not work in Bluefin.