SATA Performance

I checked the motherboard manual but unable to find the right cable for both!


OMG. How could i miss that. Damn me ;(

I found the cable: CBL-SAST-0809A-100

But sadly, no image ;(

Also, what about the NVMe cable for this Motherboard?

I think something like this would work:


Make note of the connector names and you should be able to find something similar in a market available to you.

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Are you sure that’s the right cable?

Here is the NVMe port on the Motherboard:

Nope, not sure. If you look at their server you’ll see what kind of cable Supermicro chose, but sadly I have yet to find a picture of the SAS-end of that connector.

Same here.

But i think one of these should work:

I think this is the right one:

How bad is that Supermicro doesn’t even care to list the part numbers for their own products ;(

Send Supermicro a message, they are generally pretty good about answering the questions posed to them.

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That’s my plan :slight_smile:

I will send them a message, probably on Monday to confirm it.

I think it’s the equivalent to at least one of the cables I linked (the one with included power connector). At least the connector names are the same.

Checking with Supermicro is probably worth it, as joeschmuck says, if you can spare the wait.

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Yes, indeed!

BTW, i have two questions guys regarding this motherboard.

Q1. Can someone confirm if I can connect 2 NVMe devices (x4) to each of the SlimSAS connectors? and whether the connector are x4 or x8

Q2. Technically, the first PCIe slot is x8 slot and I’m having LSI 9400-16i which also requires 8 lanes to operate at full speed. So, SATA requires 1 lane. So, as the PCIe slot #1 is x8, that means 8 lanes, which means 8 SATA devices. But the LSI 9400-16i has 4 ports and each port splits into 4 individual SATA devices. So, connecting 16 SATA devices (either HDD/SSD) will not reduce the speed? I mean, instead of 1 lane, is it being operated at half lane?

Make sure whatever SlimSAS to U.2 cables you get are PCIe Gen 4 rated for the NVMe.

For the SATA, almost anything should work :wink:

This is a mess typically.

Not sure. BUT if the slots are bifurcatable then definitely.

You may want to look at IcyDock PCIe u.2 enclosures.

I’ve just got an H12SSL-NT motherboard, and those sockets are a nightmare to understand. The manual is also pretty naff.

The cable you linked look the same as the ones I finagled out of the guy I bought my motherboard from. Unfortunately I can’t say any more than that as I don’t have any U.2 drives at present. The SATA equivalent cables are dead easy to use, but just be careful all the drives are relatively close together you it might not reach all of them.

That’s not quite how it works. The 9400 is PCIe Gen 3. So each lane is about 1GB/s. So it’s good for about 8GB/s max.

It then has 16 SAS 12gbps ports. 192gbps. Good for 24GB/s. But that doesn’t really matter as the 8GB/s bottleneck does.

You can connect a SATA drive to each SAS port if you want. SATA tops out at 6gbps.

So a max of 96gbps. Or 12GB/s.

So. Whatever. The point is you have about 8GB/s from that adapter.

Looks like SF-8654-8i to me, so @Fastline found the right cables.
(That stuff is standardised… but there’s a new standard coming with each generation, presumably so that the new standard is out before users had a chance at getting acquainted with the previous standard.)

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This is pretty much the definitive thread on connecting PCIe stuff.

And there is this post which is a neat summary of gen4

ANYTHING with copper cables and Gen4 or faster always needs an active component

Which is why I’m going on about making sure the cable is actually gen4 rated :wink:

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