Saving does not work when setting up Kerberos AD integration

hey! I’ve been trying to get TrueNAS to work with my Kerberos authentication. I have an MIT krb5 server and tried to enable it in TrueNAS but whatever I do the button to save the configuration is greyed out. I suspect I’m doing something wrong, but here’s my steps

  1. Create a Keytab on the Kerberos Server
  2. Import that Keytab into TrueNAS
  3. Select the Keytab in the selection in setting up Kerberos
  4. The Domain Account Name, Domain Account Password and NetBIOS Name disappear (expected), so I fill out all remaining

This is when I expect the save button to be clickable. It isn’t as seen here:

Where am I going wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best, Lena