Setting up SMB Shares: When to Use "Private SMB Share?"


I just went on a merry adventure reading through the docs in preparation for creating my first SMB shares, and I noticed the Purpose option under the advanced settings.

When would I want to use the “Private SMB Share” purpose vs. the default purpose?

Separately, when would it make sense vs. the home directory purpose?

EDIT: I was a bit quick on the draw. I should add that right now, my best understanding is to use the default purpose setting and customize it via ACL. That’s working well for me so far (he says, having installed TNS and set up a dataset about two hours ago).

I’d just like to understand more clearly what the Private SMB Share option is for, and the documentaiton is assuming I know a bit more than I do.

The Purpose field is used to set different combinations of the advanced fields, which are documented in SMB Shares Screens | TrueNAS Documentation Hub. The differences between Default and Private are that the Default purpose enables ACLs, disables Apple-style Character Encoding, and enables Alternate Data Streams and SMB 2/3 Durable Handles (These options are described more fully in SMB Shares Screens | TrueNAS Documentation Hub).

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I have also found private shares harder to connect to from MacOS 14.5, but that may have just been my usual incompetence.