Truenas crash on iscsi-fileio benchmark

Truenas 100% crashes on iscsi-fileio based disk benchmark - one particular test in the CrystalDiskMark, RND4K Q32T1 read test.
And this is not happening on the Truenas 23.10.2

And this is from 23.10:

My setup: lga2011 xeon 2650v2, 128gb ecc ddr3, China noname MB. (ram tested). 10 * sata 10Tb hdd (mostly HGST). RAIDZ2 ZFS pool with 10 hdds. 10gbit connection (Intel x520)

btw, results from same setup Unraid, with the write back option enabled


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Actually, nevermind!
I’ve found out that even proxmox crashed on this on different kernels (so it can be kernel related).
And mostly, that it uses SCST iscsi and that it can be used in vdisk_fileio mode even with block devices, i.e. ZFS Zvol’s (the right way!). Look at the speed, great:


Glad you have it sorted, BUT

If your test setup was valid, TrueNAS should not crash. Please report it if it does.