TrueNas NextCloud and users safety and privacy

I would like to know
If I run truenas with nextCloud and serve other remote users (like Dropbox)
my question is will anyone (including the administrator) be able to see or read the users data?
will the user be the only one who is able to access his own data. or can it also be accessed by the administrator of the appliance?

thank you

The administrator can see everything on the NAS.

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Including what’s inside the NextCloud ?

By default, as @pmh says, the server admin can read any data on the system. On Nextcloud, you can enable end-to-end encryption, which will encrypt the data so the admin can’t (usefully) read it. But there are some risks there; check with the Nextcloud folks for information about this.

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It’s just files, so yes, of course. Your hosting provider can read everything you store on their servers, too.

Unless you encrypt the data as @dan hinted at.

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