X12 vs X13 build

I’ve currently got a ‘general purpose’ server with a zfs array (managed via TrueNAS Scale) with 12x 18tb drives. I’m also running a bunch of VMs via TrusNAS with containers handling many, many services. So, think it is time to build a separate machine for just the zfs side of things.

I want to stick with intel, but stuck between going X12 or X13. I’ve priced it out, and the X13 build is about 25% more expensive. What are thoughts? Worth it?


Intel Xeon E 2300 E-2314 Quad-core 2.80 GHz Processor
SUPERMICRO X12STL-F-B (micro ATX LGA1200 Socket)
2x Kingston Technology 32GB DDR4-3200MHZ ECC KTD-PE432E/32G


Intel Xeon E 2400 E-2414 Quad-core 2.60 GHz Processor
SUPERMICRO X13SCH-F-O (micro ATX LGA1700 Socket)
2x Kingston Technology 32GB DDR5-4800MHZ ECC KTD-PE548E-32G