Boot pool keeps failing

new SATA cables arrived along with the PCI-e SATA riser card, wacked that in with the two drives that failed this morning.

The 2nd drive had gone offline and was removed
The 1st drive then dies later with an unrecoverable error

I just plugged them into this card booted and my mirrored Boot Pool came back up exactly as it was before. there are 3 checksum errors on the 2nd disk

If its a PSU this in theroy should happen again, im still just on the SATA cables powering the drives (at least thats the next step), if its a motherboard port issue then it wont occur again.

Haven’t managed more than 24hrs yet so lets see what this does.

So, since it’s probably the motherboard then, what one do you have?

Aorus B550

12hrs so far no errors… lets see how long this lasts

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AMD apparently offers the option for raid configurations with the SATA controller, maybe it is worth checking whether it is activated for the SATA ports in the BIOS, stemming from prior use?

I always assumed and still assume SATA to be working universally, but just for the record, for example, the B550 AORUS ELITE AX V2 (rev. 1.1) has a storage compability list for storage devices on their website. It is actually quite short in regard to 2.5 SSD drives, and list just smaller capacity and high capacity drives, just one with 480Gb from intel.

Well, I guess it just means they have tested those…

well thats 24hrs and no issues gonna give it another day see where im at. if i have no issues i’ll 100% know the new SATA cables are good along with the drives, i probably should leae it alone but i might switch back to the motherboard ports and see if i just bought a batch of bad cables or i still have bad motherboard ports

I’d like to keep the PCI port free if i can but at least i know now i have a working solution

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SO… ran on the PCI-e board for 48hrs and there were no issues at all so because i cant help myself i moved the boot pool back to the motherboard using the new SATA cables and so far so good. 10pm tonight is 48hrs on the motherboard ports.

IF i get that far i will then re-introduce a Log Cache to the spinning rust and pray for another 48hrs but based on the fact i have even gotten this far on the new SATA cables would suggest that this entire issue was cable related.

Ive had very few cable failures over time, its generally hardware but this means that the pack of 4 cables i bought off Amazon that at least three of them were faulty, the Lindy cables were/are flawless.

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