Terms of Service

Last Updated 11/28/2023

Welcome to the TrueNAS Community!

The TrueNAS Community is a friendly place to discuss open source software, technology, and products from iXsystems. It’s important to know that there are certain rules that we ask that you observe while posting so that everyone has a good experience. These rules apply to everyone on these forums including registered users, moderators, and administrators. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules or their enforcement, please e-mail us directly at wsoteros@ixsystems.com.

Minimum Age Required for the TrueNAS Community Forums

The minimum age for registering for the TrueNAS Community Forums is 13 years old in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This rule is put in place to protect the privacy and safety of minors under the age of 13 and to comply with relevant regulations. If you are under 13 years old, it is not possible for you to register for the TrueNAS Community Forums.

Please Search Before Posting

Don’t forget to use the search box in the top right to look for existing solutions to your problem. This saves time for everyone, including the person who needs an answer.

Search for the error message and remove unique values like time and date. Include the name of the software (Like TrueNAS) you are inquiring about when using internet search engines.

There are many other excellent resources including the online documentation, available by clicking the link up top.

Please look through the forums before posting to become familiar with the different forum topics and standards.

Posting To Get A Response

Please include a unique and specific subject title in a new post. This helps attract the attention of people knowledgeable and interested in that type of problem or situation. Please make use of the tagging system to indicate the topics of your post and for easier searching.

If you are receiving an error message, make sure to post the message exactly and don’t paraphrase. It’s important to have the full message in its entirety to get the best responses to your issue.

When discussing a piece of software, please provide the exact build number. For TrueNAS, this can be found at System ‣ Information. You’ll also want to post the amount of RAM in the system. If additional hardware information is needed, you will be asked to attach a debug file. Debug files are created with the System ‣ Advanced ‣ Save Debug menu entry.

It’s important to remember that hardware information is extremely important when diagnosing problems so please make sure to include this information if you need help troubleshooting a problem. This includes:

  • Motherboard make and model
  • CPU make and model
  • RAM quantity
  • Hard drives, quantity, model numbers, and RAID configuration, including boot drives
  • Hard disk controllers
  • Network cards

It can be convenient to add hardware information to your signature (click your username ‣ Signature). Remember to update that signature when your hardware changes.

Slow thoughtful posting and the Approval queue

Please be patient when posting, you may not get an immediate response. Take your time to craft a complete and thoughtful post which conveys exactly what you intend to say because you may not yet be permitted to edit any mistakes or ‘take back’ the entire post. Be sure that you really want to make what you have written an official post before you save it, re-read what you wrote before you post.

Moderators will approve most posts from new users but it takes time and will be delayed if none are online or active at that moment. Each of your posts will be placed in the approval queue in the order that all new user posts were received. Many short posts does not guarantee anything and could be judged as trying to manipulate the system.

Please be aware that new users are restricted from edit, delete, and the use of prefixes such as “SOLVED” all due to their potential for abuse. Once off probation, new users may have additional freedom which is only limited by the content of these rules.

Signatures and spoilers

It is common practice here to place a detailed description/listing of your TrueNAS system in your signature. You can be as detailed as you like, but do not expect that all visitors can or choose to view your signature. Therefore, if you post any questions to the forums be sure to also include your complete TrueNAS system details as well as the TrueNAS version in the body of your message, preferably at the start. Extra long signatures are permitted by character count but should be enclosed within the spoiler tags. Use System details list to keep the lengthy signature abbreviated until clicked upon, the title of your choosing, like below:

Show : See My TrueNAS system

An inline spoiler tag can enclose short amounts of text as needed which gains a blurred effect like your text by [ispoiler]your text[/ispoiler]. Signatures are monitored for spam which may be solicitations primarily in the form of commercial link advertisement and will usually result in being banned from the forums.

Be Respectful, Keep It Clean and Family-Friendly

Be respectful to others. Abuse, cursing, derogatory comments, insults, or personal attacks are not allowed. This is a dynamic community serving many different types of people from all over the world, and we all should be able to participate politely. In order to maintain a focused and productive environment within the TrueNAS Community Forums, we kindly request that members refrain from discussing topics related to politics or religion. Our primary goal is to foster discussions centered around TrueNAS and its related technologies, ensuring that conversations remain relevant and beneficial for all members seeking assistance, insights, and solutions. Forum moderators will edit or remove inappropriate comments without notice. In extreme cases, posters will be warned or banned.

In addition to these rules, everyone is asked to take a relaxed approach to help others while posting at the TrueNAS Community. If you’re having trouble talking in a calm and clear manner, please take a break and do not post. Come back later after the frustration has passed. Overly terse, derogatory, or insulting messages will be deleted and may lead to account suspension.

Bumping Posts

Bumping posts is allowed. However, we do ask that you wait 48 hours before bumping a post. This prevents the same person from bumping posts constantly which can be considered rude, keeps the forums nice and clean, and keeps things fair for other users asking questions.

No Advertising or Illegal Sites

Advertising of websites, services, or products by posters is not allowed without express written consent from iXsystems. Pornography, drugs, warez, hacking, malicious sites, or links to websites of this type are prohibited.

Solicitation of Support

Requesting, demanding, or offering paid support is not allowed in the TrueNAS Community. This is a forum of volunteers that offer their time to assist others when they can.

Do not post The Same Thing Multiple Times

Do not post the same question or comment in more than one place. Duplicate posts will be deleted by moderators.

Offsite Links - Clean Links

Links to other sites that are appropriate and relevant to a discussion are welcome in posts. Moderators will remove inappropriate links.

Use clean links when possible, which means, trim the URL to what is essential, such as this example:

Link from address bar:

Cleaned link to use:


iXsystems provides the iXsystems Community as a courtesy to the open source communities we sponsor and develop for and does not verify every piece of information that is posted. It is important to understand that the majority of the information provided on these forums has been posted by volunteers and is not provided by iXsystems themselves. All information on this site is provided as-is without warranty express or implied. iXsystems is not responsible for any damage resulting from use of any information contained on this site.

Thanks for being valued members of the community and enjoy your time here in the TrueNAS Community!

TrueNAS Community SLA:​

Last Updated: 11/07/2023

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the expectations and commitments for approving posts from new users on the TrueNAS Community Forums. We strive to review user-submitted posts shortly after they are submitted while acknowledging potential delays during non-standard hours.

Service Description:​

To prevent spam, the TrueNAS Community Forums require that posts by new users be approved by a moderator before they are visible to other members of the community. Once a new user’s post is approved, their post will appear immediately.

Service Commitments:​

The TrueNAS Community Team is committed to reviewing and approving posts in a timely manner. Under normal circumstances, posts are reviewed and approved within 4 hours during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, ET). Users who encounter issues or have urgent concerns related to post approvals may contact the TrueNAS Community Forums support team by pressing the report button the post in question, or by messaging a specific user on the staff team.

**Weekend and After-Hours Delays:**​

**Due to reduced moderator availability during weekends and outside standard business hours, there may be some delays in post approvals. Users can expect their posts to be reviewed and published within 24 hours. We encourage users to be patient during these times. We are always looking to add new members to the team, if you think you’d be a good fit, please send us a message!**​

Escalation and Support:​

Users who encounter issues or have urgent concerns related to post approvals may contact the TrueNAS Community Forums support team by pressing the report button on the post in question, or by messaging a specific user on the staff team.


Users are responsible for submitting posts that adhere to the community guidelines and policies. We ask that users understand that delays may occur during non-standard hours.

This SLA for post approval on TrueNAS Community Forums will be subject to periodic review and may be amended to reflect changing circumstances and needs. Users will be informed of any significant changes to this SLA.

By adhering to this SLA, we aim to maintain a professional and welcoming environment for users while providing timely post approval services within the limitations of available resources and operational hours.