Can I download a program to truenas scale throught the OS shell

Hi everyone,
I have a Truenas Scale DragonFish edition that I want to have access to another server on another network. I planned on using ‘twingate’ a zero-trust networking solution rather than a VPN. I was wondering if I was able to download the headless client for twingate directly through the OS shell in the system settings or if that would mess up Truenas OS. Here is the twingate website for headless clients: Headless Clients | Docs | Twingate

Dragonfish is pretty close to being locked down and future versions will be locked down much more.

I think these is a way to get into developer mode, maybe, but otherwise you may need to create a VM and install it there. I’m not a networking guy and not even close to the expert here but any changes to the OS shell is of course not supported.

I have not checked to see if this is an add-on application, if not maybe it could be requested.

You can disable the OS protection following these instructions:

…but as noted that puts your system into an unsupported state.

Much better to think about it in terms of leaving the OS alone and using jails:

If you’re not able to make it work that way, you can take a jail created that way and use it as a rootfs for ubernerd/nerdctl, where you would set the container to run privileged (GitHub - Jip-Hop/ubernerd: Run Docker and LXC-like containers with a portable install of nerdctl on a systemd based host).

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