Dragonfish GUI goes unresponsive

We’ve moved to single a single M2 devices for boot these days. M2 reliability generally is really good. SATA DOMS work, but there tends to be a lot of quality issues with them just like with USB sticks.

That’s what I wanted to do with a USB stick in a 3-way mirror - add it, have it resilver, then remove & store the stick offsite.

Ha, love it. Post a problem, asked to open a bug report, get told it’s a hardware issue and close my bug report with no notion of how it’s a hardware issue. Rebooted system back to the Dragonfish RC version and has been running just fine since. Yeah right hardware problem… :roll_eyes:

@Spunky17 Can you DM me the ticket? The one I’m monitoring here is still open…

Just sent it over. Shows closed saying it’s a hardware issue but doesn’t say how they got to that conclusion.

Hi @Spunky17 . I was unaware the issue is not reproducible if you roll back to RC, although I am not sure that rules out a hardware problem. But, no worries, I have reopened the ticket and we’ll continue to have a look.

Appreciate the reopen @patrickkeane and @kris. I was going by what @kris had asked me to do and assumed additional questions would have been asked. Just surprised me to get a close with no additional info asked. again thanks for all you do!

for anyone following this thread here is where we are.

I booted back into the Dragonfish RC and ran for about 24 hours without issue. I’ve now applied a manual update to a specific nightly build at the request off @kris and @patrickkeane. That was done last night (6/11 at 9PM EST) and so far the system has been running without issue. No hardware changes where made, just the install of a certain manual update package. :crossed_fingers:

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Great, keep us posted. :+1:

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status check for anyone following this thread.

so far after 2 days (48 hoursish) the system has been stable after applying the manual update suggested by @kris and @patrickkeane. i’ll keep monitoring and updating here and if the box survives the weekend i’ll call this resolved.


Been running it since last night and its been working for me.

Is there a changelog or pull request log for nightlies?

Hi @kristoferen – If you’re not experiencing a very similar problem, or unless there is some other reason to do so, I would advise holding on for the official release of 24.04.2 which would be along in a few weeks.

However, you can find a link to Dragonfish nightly .update files on our releases page:

posting for status update for anyone watching this thread.

at this time my system has been stable for over 4 days without issue. all services and admin interfaces are working and i’m going to consider this matter resolved. a small issue with the GUI binding to every IP on my system despite it being configured not to do so has cropped up but it’s not affecting the usability off the system.

thanks to @kris and @patrickkeane for their help in this.