Educate me on ZFS and capacity

All things considered, I think I’m tempted to replace my 500gb NVMe with a 2TB NVMe, so that with the other 2TB SSDs, I would do a RAIDZ1.

So the final config would be
3 x 2TB SSD → RAIDZ1 vdev
2 x 6TB HDD → Mirror vdev

Buy a cheap 64gb emmc to use for boot drive + apps instead.

Again, the boot drive is only the boot drive. Put the apps on the SSD pool.


@oacikgoz, you can choose to listen to @dan. :-1:

Or you can choose to listen to your heart. :blush:

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Ok now, the last important point, can anyone donate money for a new 2tb NVMe? :smiley:

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