Feature Request: SLOG sharing boot pool disks

According to the documentation, a SLOG should be on faster drives than the drives serving the pool. If not enterprise SSDs (as the docs suggest), then what?

Maybe wrong ping? I replied to the first post of this topic.

Going back to one of the original questions:

Is it possible in a supported way, (or will likely be added), to share a boot device with SLOG?

The answer is no.

The reason is simple. iXsystems developed / is developing TrueNAS, (Core & SCALE), for the Enterprise Data Center market. That market requires reliability more that cost saving features of shared function storage devices.

This idea comes up several times a year, (more so since TrueNAS SCALE was released). And the answer has not changed.



@ddaenen1 actually gave the answer just above: Partitioned drives give rise to multiple failures when they fail as a whole, and then replacement is a complicated issue. TrueNAS is designed for data safety and reliability above all other considerations.
Using a full drive for boot allows the boot drive to a be a replaceable commodity while keeping data safe.