General Clarifications needed on OS and initial set up

Hello Everyone,

Could anyone please clarify below concerns.

  1. For OS do we need the separate hard drive.

  2. Which OS is much stable and reliable for long run and remote access - core or scale.

  3. I have 2 hard drives now - one 512 gb and 2 Tb. I want to create a one pool at the moment and use it. Is it possible? Later i want to add another 4 gb hard drive as an image of this one. Pls let me know the config steps for this one.

Many thanks for your responses.

  1. YES
  2. Personally no clue.
  3. You should read up on ZFS filesystem and understand the limitation of it.

Neither OS can safely be exposed to the outside world, if that’s what you mean by “remote access.” If that isn’t what you mean, please clarify. As to your other questions, sounds like you need to have a look at the docs.

  1. I have to waste an entire drive just for booting?

  2. Core should be considered the more mature solution. However I’m running scale 23.10.1 and 23.10.2 with uptimes of 3 and 4 months right now. Haven’t had a single hang up / unscheduled reboot since using scale. I don’t jump on the latest release right away though.

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I mean is it possible to access remotely via which operating system. Any limitations from OS perspective,
pls clarify…

Also any apps from phone can be set up access.

Thanks a lot.

No, there are no TrueNAS apps for your mobile device.

No, it is not possible (or at least safe) to have remote access with either OS.

Now, both CORE and SCALE let you install software (e.g., Nextcloud) by way of jails (for CORE) or apps (for SCALE) that would allow remote access to your data via a variety of methods including a mobile app.

Thanks a lot. Is it possible to share more details about this remote access apps. Do they need license?