How can I use the remaining space on the system SSD?

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to use the remaining disk space on the system’s SSD?
I have a 240GB SSD but TrueNAS Scale only uses 16GB.
Is it possible to create a 16GB partition and a 224GB partition to use it for Docker?

It is possible, but unsupported and you really shouldn’t, for the sake of sanity and simplicity.


Thank you for your reply.
It’s a shame because the current minimum for an SSD is 240GB.
That’s a lot of waste.
What do you mean by “unsupported”? Will it crash the system or make it unstable?

I’m still in the testing phase at the moment, having only installed TrueNAS yesterday.
I’m currently using an old Synology DS413 and I need to use Docker, but my NAS doesn’t allow it.

Do you have any tips on how to make partitions on the SSD system (tutorials, documentation, etc.)?

It might “explode” i.e. fail in unpredictable ways whenever you perform an update. Not saying it will - nobody knows and nobody will take responsibility if things break for you but probably close any JIRA issue with “told you so”.

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Optane M10 drives start at 16 GB and make great boot drives for CORE for less than $10 a piece.

Do not think space; think price. Get a cheap drive for boot and call it a day (or a minute).

No, but the GUI will not assist in any way with using partitions rather than whole drives. Which is never good if you have to recover after a failure.

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You need to change your mindset… You likely bought the least expensive SSD as your boot drive, is that true? (Yes) That is the purpose of the drive, not to do anything else other than to bootstrap the system. Do not think of it as wasted space either, think of it as a very lot of overprovisioning :wink:

But yes, many of us have used that extra space for a while and have said it is too much to worry about. What if you made a pool out of it and then it got formatted over? Yes, it happens.

I like that one :laughing:

120’s are easy enough to find around here for around $20. They’re cheap enough really not to worry - to be frank, I was more concerned with the space the boot drive physically took in my server bays.

OK, i’m not sure if i want to risque a “NUC” PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info, I knew about Optan SSDs but I didn’t know they started out so small.
As for me, my MB (Asuss Sabertooth Z97) is too old and doesn’t have an M.2 drive, so I’ll be using my old 240 GB SSD.

Nope, I had an old 240GB SSD lying around and wanted to know if it was possible to use it at 100%.
It doesn’t really matter if it’s only used at 7%.

Thks to all for Thanks to all for the quick answers

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Small used SSD are very easy to find, at low cost and good condition.
The problem with small SSD is the low tbw, but until you backup you config and some day he will fail… you can just replace It → clean install → upload config to be fully online again.
Im using an old 32gb SSD, but i have another 2 to use in disaster case

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