Kernel Panic after updating to Dragonfish

I’m running several Truenas systems at home and at a small org I’m working at. Right after updating to 24.04 one of the (older) systems started to go totally offline after booting. I was able to boot normally when I switched the environment back to 23.10.2 in System Settings → boot.
This system runs in a Proxmox VM with 12GB ram and a Sata controller passed through to the VM. Updating to 24.04 was the only change that day it started happening.

How would I debug this system? Which logs would I need to check to find out what happened?

It could be the port-multiplier kernel regression issue, especially if the boot disk is behind a port multiplier…

I’ve switched the boot environment to Dragonfish again to gather more data and force the error to show up again. Nothing is happening, weird.

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After another day monitoring the server I’m sure Dragonfish crashes when used in my system. Going back to Cobia for the time being.