Migrating data/apps between drives

Names Whale, I’m new to this homelab/sever/truenas area. For a bit of context I’m using an Optiplex 3050 Micro to run my little home server with a 5tb WD Black external hard drive I had laying around as the current pool. Just finally got Jellyfin working the other night with Tailscale as the vpn alongside 2tb worth of “sea worthy” data and really don’t want to have to set that up again if I dont have to.

I just got in my first 4tb ssd (getting a second in the mail shortly and working on finding #3 for a RaidZ setup) and I’d like to transfer everything over to that and remove the 5tb WD drive. What’s the best way to go about that?

Apologies if it’s a dumb question, I couldn’t find much in my searches probably due to not knowing proper terminology yet. Links to sources would be appreciated as well.


Local Replication Tasks would be my go to

You cannot create a raidz1 from two disks and add third disk later. [1]

You could mirror the two drives and add two drives as another mirror later. This would put you at a higher space lost for redundancy though.

Otherwise you would need to destroy the pool and replicate everything again when you start with two disk and want to add a third for raidz1.

Also with only two disks your options are limited to creating a mirror now or a stripe.

  1. I deliberately do not link the technical possibility here, given that OP is new to all of this. ↩︎

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Excellent use of the footnote. Yes, it’s technically possible, but there be dragons.

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We have footnotes? I feel like a kid in a candy shop.

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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, unfortunately can’t get past step one which is getting the f&*>ng thing to recognize an M.2 NVME. No matter what format i try, what settings I fiddle with in the bios, nada. It is recognized by the computer but not by TrueNAS. Seems this has been an issue with Optiplex 3050’s for over a year now according to this reddit forum.

If anyone has suggestions or links to the fix please please send them my way. Currently ordered an M.2 to USB UGreen enclosure to see if that’ll be recognized by the system or not.