No good reverse proxy support for Electric eel transition

Hoping that all docker options can be specified unlike today. For example, MAC ID retention between starts (–mac-address), access to the docker socket for things like nextcloud all in one, hopefully the docker compose startup and shutdown order can be used, etc.

By the end of June, you’ll be able to inspect the code and contribute to fixes.

It sounds interesting. I have already deleted all my truecharts apps once they stopped updating.
Currently I just run Caddy + Docker Desktop on a Windows 11 VM and it all works quite well.
Would be nice to have an app catalog “playground” again though.

Ah, I did wonder why my apps stopped getting updates. It’s quite sudden for them to do this so soon after the EE announcement - it seems like they’ve thrown their toys out the pram a bit on this one. I thought they could at least have kept some updates going on their most popular apps (let’s face it, probably the *arrs :wink: ).

I tend to agree, but a possible counterpoint is that they’re a fairly small team and want to focus their resources on the migration path they just learned they’re going to need. But I don’t think I’d blame them for getting fed up with iX in this regard.


Its not a new thing… we had stopped working together a year ago.
We knew they didn’t want us to support Docker and Compose. That is understandable since they are Kubernetes focussed. We are Container Apps focussed.