Possible to run Scale in a VM on Scale (for Beta versions)?

I don’t have any extra machine to run Electric Eel on. I have never tried to virtualize Scale. So, I do realize people always say don’t pass through drives, pass through the controller. I won’t have extra drives and controllers. So, if it worked, is it likely to work to create a VM on Scale to run the Eel Beta on by passing through zvols? Since it’s not a production machine, just curious if it’s a way to test Eel.


(Although I’m currently dealing with an issue)

I’ve successfully tested nested truenas (truenas vm on truenas vm on truenas bare metal)

For “testing” purposes it’s fine. Don’t use it to store data you care about.

You make two zvols for disks (I prefer to pre-create the disks as sparse images)

You want 32GB for the boot zvol and then whatever for the pool.

You need 8GB of ram for the VM, 16GB if you’re nesting again.

I use virtio for the Nic and disks.

Just select the truenas iso as a cd. Install. Then remove the cd.

When you make your single disk pool, you will see a warning. It can be ignored as long as you don’t care about the longevity of the pool

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I did forget one of the details, which is I believe you should set your pool zvol to 4K sector size, which I believe should increase performance/efficiency as TrueNAS will use ashift=12 anyway.

In the past TrueNAS didn’t support booting off 4K disks. Not sure if that’s the case anymore.

Just an FYI, running Electric Eel nightly in a VM, working ok though waiting on the docker stuff before proceeding further.

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