QNAP 1282 fan control?

Decided to install Scale on my Qnap after it lost all my files.

I have gotten the LCD disabled.

I installed QNAP-EC and can see the fan speed with the sensor command. The fans are all running at minimum speed. What is the best way to control them? I would be fine with permanently setting them at half speed. Dynamically controlling them would be a plus.

@mooglestiltzkin has a “thread” on this…

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wait, how did you disable the LCD? i may need to do that myself.

For fan, i noticed after moving from QTS to truenas, fans stopped working.

Apparently you have to go into bios and DISABLE the auto smart fans. Then set fans to manual MAX.

I would also suggest you verify the fans are working at at max speed.

I read there were some suggestions for getting the fans smart control to work, but i couldn’t find a conclusive solution so i went max fans and called it a day.

These scripts can turn the LCD off.

GitHub - elvisimprsntr/QnapFreeLCD: Scripts to display TrueNAS CORE information on QNAP LCD.

Didn’t you post about those scripts? Someone with a similar name did.

I had the fans on max. Too much noise for where I have the box located. I have the fan speeds registering with the OS now. They show up when I type sensors. I have been reading a bit and I think might be able to control them with lm-sensors/fancontrol, but haven’t dug into it enough yet. Worse case I am going to install a hardware device to just put them at half speed or something.

I got the fans working. I am not sure the drive fans are working from a relevant temperature, but they are in a range I am comfortable with.

In order to get apt to install packages with apt you have to run the following command. Let me say everywhere said this is a bad idea and you can really screw stuff up by installing the wrong packages or even updating the wrong package.


Then you need to be able to see the fans. I used the GitHub - Stonyx/QNAP-EC. This isn’t specifically written for my model but it worked to add a driver so I can read the fan values and write them.

apt install build-essential git
git clone https://github.com/Stonyx/QNAP-EC
make install
sudo modprobe qnap-ec check-for-chip=no (Put last command in startup script has to happen every time to read fans)

If you run sensors and it shows your fan’s speed then you can control them.

To do it install fancontrol.
apt install fancontrol


This will kind of walk you through the config file creation. It kind of worked for me but I had to edit mine a bit to make it work. I wasn’t sure which temp to link to my hard drive fans. I took a guess and they are running in a way I like based on the temp I am seeing. The CPU one is good to go. After this if you run fancontrol it should control the fans by the temperature you have linked them with.

Then you need fancontrol to startup and run in the background. I did a startup command for that. I haven’t rebooted, but it worked when I ran it from the command line.
nohup fancontrol &

All the stuff that you install with apt will probably get wiped out when you update at least that was suggest in some of the things I read. So, you will have to do it all over again when you update.

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