TrueNAS CORE 13.3 Plans

@grahamperrin I think you are confused and that may be because you have never used TrueNAS before.

Prior to the birth of SCALE, CORE was the only one around and what SCALE now calls “Apps” (k3s), was what CORE used to advertise as the now discontinued “Plugins” based on jails. From an end-user perspective, they both serve the exact same purpose, namely, easy one-click installation of an app/service.

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Well, they were intended to serve the same purpose.

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Right, I was really just emphasizing that because @grahamperrin focuses on the fact that the CORE spec sheet says “No” on the “Apps” section, which isn’t entirely accurate. It is just called “Plugins” instead and uses jails instead of k3s, but is essentially the same feature.

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With the difference that Plugins are limping deads and Jails work perfectly without overhead.

Thanks, I was aware of plugins as a user of FreeNAS.

Ah yeah, I’d say that TrueNAS is really FreeNAS with updated base, UI, and middleware. Just as others have mentioned though, “Plugins” or I think ix called it “PBI” is basically dead since they’ve decided to migrate fully to Linux and k3s.

PBI is the extra-old flavor of plugins which were introduced somewhere around FreeNAS 8.x. When the jail manager changed to iocage (somewhere around FreeNAS 11, I believe), plugins also radically changed. We were told this would make them much easier to maintain. That apparently hasn’t been the case.


Lets be honest - the Free/TrueNAS plugins have never been a relliable way of running upgradable services. I remember using them back in 9.2.8 to run Plex but trying to update them was just a nightmare.

Creating a Jail manually has always been the best approach, although way back then you couldn’t update the Jails FreeBSD version between major FreeNAS versions, something that wasn’t resolved until iocage.

Jails are just brilliant though, and I can’t see me moving to Scale unless there’s something that works in a similar way.


Same. I’m of the same mind @adrianwi


Ditto here. I run vanilla FreeBSD 14 with BastilleBSD jails. The template hooks are what sold me. It makes standing up new jails so painless and honestly way more reliable than SCALE’s TrueCharts which break practically every upgrade.

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You’re referring to the Bastillefile? I’ve built some of those and uploaded them to the bastille git repo.

Yeap. I use them quite extensively. I have a base template that I apply for all the base jails that automatically sets up basic utilities I need in the jails and also automatically sets up key-based SSH service. It makes setting up “container” app jails so simple.

It’s not perfect though and there are some bugs to work out. Here’s one I found while using the CONFIG template hook. [BUG] CONFIG template hook is NOT idempotent. · Issue #693 · BastilleBSD/bastille · GitHub

You wouldn’t happen to have one that GUIfies a jail would you?

@kris or anyone with a special interest in TrueNAS core 13.3

Would you like to create a new topic, to continue the one that began in mid-March?


‘PBI’ was “Push Button Installer” from the very old, using FreeBSD more than 7 versions ago, customized install called PC-BSD.

I wonder if bastille would now work as well or better for the same sort of functionality, although with those old PC-BSD PBI some things were very much a tangle of scripts or dependencies which made maintaining the PBI itself less fun than desired. I’m no expert on them, especially the internals, but I did help with the PC-BSD docs long ago when it was wiki-based.

The bastille system seems to be what might be useful for an easier scripted install via jails for applications (plugins, addons).

Haha… this is what I get for not reading to the last post before commenting on one in an earlier part of the thread. :smiley: This seems now to be the only mention of bastille here.

That something is “Sandboxes” aka “Linux Jails”

And here is the official IX documentation

And here is the latest commentary from @kris

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I’m in the middle of prepping for my first install. I have a few concerns and have both versions sitting on USB sticks - you suggest SCALE for a brand new install due to more functionality, better performance etc, yet I’ve also seen that CORE is less resource hungry? I’ve also seen suggested that older hardware is probably better on CORE. My first test system will be a E3-1275V3 based system that’s limited to 32GB of memory, if that helps.

I’m also a little freaked that you go to SCALE, and it offers to download 22.04 which I did, BUT when I go to the “Software Status” ( Software Status - TrueNAS Roadmap - Open Source NAS Software ) it says that 24.04 is only RC and is Early Adopter status, not General. If I do go SCALE, should I be forcing it to download the 23.10 version?

As of this week scale 24.04 got released, my guess is that the homepage isn’t updated yet…

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Correct, the page has not been updated yet. But we will be updating 24.04.0 for general audiences on that page soon. As of now we recommend SCALE for any and all new deployments of TrueNAS as well.


Cool - thanks for the quick and clear answer! I’m getting quite excited about getting it all set up, though admittedly less excited about the data transfer from the old storage and re-setting up the network drives on end devices…