Why 2 935gb drives for boot pool of 2.39gb .....Ego or needed

I upgraded my scale and I was using a 128GIGABYTE SSD and I couldn’t get Plex to work so I scrapped the whole server and decided to reinstall truenas scale fresh and in doing so I discovered that I was going to waste 2 935GIGABYTE storage drives for 2.39 gigabytes of redundant overreach boot pool storage I find this all kind of a little bit nauseating maybe somebody can explain to me why I’m going to let 1800 gigabytes worth of storage space sit idle hoping for another scale update

Not sure why you are going to do that. Normally, one gets some very tiny boot drive(s) to install onto, not large drives. Mine is a Leven JS300 Sata SSD 64GB.


You can buy smaller drives for your boot pools is the shortest answer.

Slightly longer answer is that partitioning boot drives has caused massive headaches for some after ‘working just fine’. Consider re-purposing those drives for something else I guess.

Some larger capacity drives, like 1TB, are cheaper than lower storage drives, like 64GB. This can be due to low sales volume for such reduced storage at this stage of computer development.

Or it could be that reduced capacity drives may also be made physically smaller, like a SATA DOM. DOMs, both SATA or USB, can be made to be installed inside a server on the actual server board’s interface connector. Thus, a 2.5" SATA SSD would not fit that requirement. And yet a SATA DOM is low enough sales volume to cause it to cost more.

Here is the reasoning behind TrueNAS’ decision to have dedicated boot drives;
I have to waste an entire drive just for booting?

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You don’t have to dedicate one or two entire SSD drives to the boot pool. You only need to dedicate it if you want to have a configuration that will be fully supported by ixSystems.

ixSystems’ rationale for this is sound - and should definitely be adhered to by enterprise customers and small businesses - but for personal / home use even @ kris has commented elsewhere that he might do this.

As others have commented, you can buy the cheapest NVME drives (rather than the smallest) out there to use as a boot drive - and use the spare space for overprovisioning to make the SSD last longer.

However many of us home users are happy to choose to forego some degree of support and limit the boot pool to the required 16GB and use the remainder of the boot drive SSD for e.g. a normal SSD pool (and maybe swap).

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Thank you to everyone who replied to my Snotty little post. I apologize for that, I was out of line and acting like a spoiled child I think because I didn’t get my way trying to make this thing work
Sorry for the inconvenience!!
I’m going to keep striving to try to be better in all things, including server installation and management
Thanks again for your replies and support