10gbe capable NAS

Hello! New here i would like to buy something maybe used or build an NAS that can take 10gbit in and out, all day long. For a long time forward.

I actually have two locations with both up and running 10gbit LAN AND WAN. But what should i buy? I want something i can reuse later, is customizable and have upgradeable…

First site needs about 30tb of storage. The others site needs around 10tb it doesn’t need full 10gbit but 5-7gbit will do. Probably end up using a couple of hdd when i need more storage. Then both needs to further have two big HDD for archiving

Anything suitable for ZFS with a suitably supported 10 GbE NIC: Intel, Chelsio, Solarflare.

Lots to consider if you want to build a NAS to have that high of throughput.

What is your budget for disks? Are you planning on all SSD, cause if you need 30TB that is going to get expensive and to saturate 5-7Gbps on spinning rust, depending on workloads, that will require a decent amount also.

Along with a decent amount of system ram for ARC cache.

Is this just to act as a file server? Or will you need it to host NFS shares or iSCSI for anything?

What size are said files? lots of small sub 100MB files, or lots of larger GIG sized files?

A pair of HDs will not be able to source or sink at 10gbit speed.

An HD is good for maybe 50-100MB/s, with an upper limit of 250MB/s depending on capacity and how empty the disk is.

In a mirror, write speed is limited to single disk write speed.

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