13th gen iGPU broken in Dragonfish?

Since i’ve updated to dragonfish the system has been incredibly unstable. I even reset the system with option 5) and the issue remained. I was not sure why but I think I’ve figured it out.

The console shows this error after setting up the plex app with an attach iGPU.
It seems there is a memory issue with the iGPU usage, which in turn crashes all apps, makes the UI and SSH slow, and eventually freezes everything forcing a ahrd reboot.

I’m not sure what to do to fix this… I’ve tried the official plex app, the truecharts one, with the same issue.
Are there any logs I can grab that would give me more detail?

Run sudo dmesg (in the shell, preferably via SSH) and share it here

Here is a partial output: [ 0.000000] efi: Remove mem78: MMIO range=[0xc0000000-0xcfffffff] (256MB) fro - Pastebin.com

highlights here:

Thanks for your help!

turns out the system still goes into freeze mode even without a GPU assigned, it is likely a different issue…