2 SSD drives on Truenas mini x+

Long time linux user, new to Truenas Scale and ZFS.

I’ve got the system shown in my signature. I’ve had it for approximately 5 months now and it is working well.

I’m running Dragonfish-

I have approximately 14 apps installed. The ix-applications dataset uses approximately 100GB and another data only dataset that I mount on all my lan computers uses approximately 450 GB. Another 4.6 TB is used by my media and 200GB by my photos.

I want to add 2x1TB SSD’s into the 2 of the 5 + 2 swap bays of the Truenas Mini X+.

I would like to move the ix-applications dataset and the dataset that I mount on all my lan computers to one of the SSD’s and use the other SSD as RAID.

Can I set up the 2 SSD’s as a separate vault from my Iron Wolf disks? Can I move the ix-applications dataset and my lan mounting dataset to this separate vault? Is this desired set up possible? What is the recommended use of the 2 SSD bays in the Truenas mini x+?

I apologize if these are obvious newb questions but I could not find anything discussing this in my internet or forum searches.



I assume you mean “as a separate pool” (“vault” isn’t really a term TrueNAS or ZFS use for storage), and yes, of course.

Yes, that’s just a matter of selecting the new pool for applications–TrueNAS will move everything for you.

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Hi Dan:

Thanks for responding. It clears up a lot for me.

Much appreciated.