24.04.0 Release hype!

Looking forward to the release later today. Should be the best version of SCALE so far!

Fave features:

Block cloning
Dynamic ARC


Does anyone know at what time (and timezone) Cobia got released?
Curious if european folk can expect to get an update today!

And I am personally hyped because this version finally updates kernel to a version that properly supports Intel ARC (DG2) graphics, meaning users will no longer need to passthrough the GPU to a virtual machine for things like Jellyfin, Frigate, etc.

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Don’t quote me, but I think it was around 1600-1700 UTC.

Yeah, around 17:00 sounds about right, i did my upgrade to cobia after i got home from work around 17:30 (German Time).

Take that Apple! iXsystem users also camp out in front of all the iXsystems stores when new system releases come along!


I’d expect files to start showing up on the CDN / update server in the next several hours :slight_smile:


Is block cloning activated by default now?
The feature flag was listed in the release notes for 23.10.2 but it was disabled due to… issues.

Yup, enabled by default now!

Eagerly awaiting the release…

Bits are streaming to various buckets now… :partying_face:


And we’re live now it seems: https://download.truenas.com/


What, no iXsystems swag coupons, tochtkes, or other paraphernalia? What about the mobile tattoo artist? Standards are slipping!

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Okay, let’s go!

Not to temper your hype, but unless they stealth-dropped zfs-2.2.4 into the release, I’d hold off block cloning. There’s still plenty of fixes going around on the OpenZFS repo.

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We’ve been involved helping fix most of those and all the current ones are in 24.04.0.

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Pretty hyped. Let’s go~~ any second now

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Nice to see it in the possible trains in my CORE system - might try SCALE again in the weekend (when it has been tested even more :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Not an “early adopter” … more a “post-breakfast adopter”