3 tips for a trouble-free TrueNAS install

I’m creating this note to document a couple of things you MIGHT run into that will cost you time:

  1. I burn the ISO onto a USB using Rufus on a PC. Be sure to select MBR and DD mode even though it isn’t “recommended.” Otherwise you will likely be disappointed (it won’t boot). This is true for all the unix installations I’ve installed.

  2. If the USB is “write protected” and there is no hardware switch, you can always fix that. The simplest is to use DISKPART on windows, pick the disk, then use the CLEAN command. There are attributes commands to reset the readonly flag, but it doesn’t always work. Clean appears to reset your disk so Rufus can write to it.

  3. When you boot and choose the key to select the boot, you can simply pick the “General UDisk 5.00” option off the boot menu. No need to pick the partition.

the rest is pretty straightforward.

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sometimes when the truenas install doesn’t work, a possibility is you had to go rufus and go advance and enable support for older bios. This might work then for older nas systems to then let truenas install work.

Another possible issue is you try install onto some drive but it won’t boot. try a different one it may work. this is my experience with that.

after installing truenas, most often people forget to check in bios the boot order. make sure it’s setup correctly so truenas boots up first.

I always verify the downloaded iso against the shasum…

Will pick up truncations.

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You should check out Ventoy.

It’s quite brilliant, actually.

You create a “Ventoy” USB stick. The first partition is Ventoy itself (you never touch this, except to “update” your Ventoy version if you desire), and the second partition is a FAT32 filesystem for the remaining space.

That’s it! You just dump .iso files into this USB stick. When you boot from from the stick, you’re greeted to a menu screen with all your ISO files to choose from. :sunglasses:


Agreed–it’s quite handy, even if it doesn’t work with everything.

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Oh my gosh. I love that. That is just way too cool. All my .iso’s on on stick. I love it. THANK YOU for sharing that tip.

Did you know there is now iVentoy? So you can use Ventoy now through PXE !



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