7840HS with Phoenix 780M Boot Issues

I am having an issue where I cannot reliably boot TrueNAS Scale (Cobia or Dragonfish) on my machine, with my iGPU enabled. TrueNAS tries loading the included amdgpu driver but fails with

(amdgpu 0000:cd:00.0: Direct firmware load for amdgpu/gc_11_0_1_mes_2.bin failed with error -2
[drm] try to fall back to amdgpu/gc_11_0_1_mes.bin)

and booting either stops or boot loops continually and sometimes actually successfully boots into TrueNas.

I thought this could be a hardware issue due to it actually booting some of the time. But this behavior only happens with TrueNAS Scale so far, I have not had a problem with booting TrueNAS Core, Proxmox, Ubuntu and Windows 11.

I installed a dedicated GPU and disabled the iGPU and now TrueNAS Scale boots reliably without the AMD GPU, but I would like to use it.

I suppose that the short answer is that one is not really supposed to use a GPU with TrueNAS, and also that the newest hardware is NOT recommended. CORE probably “works” by not having drivers and ignoring the 780M or running it on default VESA driver.

My best advice would be to use the 7840HS as a client and get a server motherboard for TrueNAS.

Thanks for the info, my goal was to use this to run VMs and containers on it as well. I was really looking forward to this being my all-in-one Homeserver/NAS solution