A dumb question regarding hash commands

How do I run md5 and sha256 in command line?

You don’t run md5 unless you’re dealing with ancient stuff that only deals in md5. SHA256 you do with the sha256sum utility, which might not be in $PATH, but should be present in the usual location for Debian.


Have you performed an internet search for maybe “md5 examples” ? It’s the same for sha256.

yeah, I have just learn the commands on TrueNAS SCALE are md5sum and sha256sum respectively.

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Yellow text boxes?

“No scamming” inline warnings?

What are these dastardly powers you wield?

Next thing we’ll find out is you can make the entire forum “do a barrel roll”.

Remember: Nobody ever expects the Iberic Inquisition!
Next, you might find that an extra plug-in has been installed just for you: Soft Cushion! :scream:

But you really should let newcomers learn about ZFS before they have to deal with forum humour…

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