Access to `zfs receive` command from non-root user (for incoming zfs send)

I would like to send a zfs replication task to my TrueNAS box.

The ZFS dataset is coming from a Debian server using zfs send.
I have created a non-root user on TrueNAS, given SSH access and created a dataset with zfs allow permissions for the user.

However, the task fails as the user on the TrueNAS box does not have permission to use the zfs command.
I don’t want to escalate privileges for the user (by allowing sudo) as this should not be necessary and would allow the user to affect other data sets if there was a compromise of that user.

So, long-story-short, is there a method to allow a non-root user access to the zfs command without using sudo?

ah, think it’s OK, I can see the command is in /usr/sbin/zfs… will try with an alias.