Accessing plex outside network

Hello all,

im beside myself as ive been researching and trying many ways to be able to setup a VPN so me and friends can access my plex server outside of my network. tailscale does work but i don’t want to pay 6 dollars for each friend a month after 3 people are added. I want to do wireguard but nothing is working. I can get the wireguard app working like wg-easy but when i connect to it i cant access network. right now i tried to create a network bridge br0 but now my apps are not working properly. i cant remove br0 and start from scratch cause kubernites is using it. sometimes its so frustrating. has anyone been able to successfully do this? if so how?


truenas scale dragonfin is what I’m running, i doubt my hard drives and video card specs are of use. everything is working other than this so no other issues.

Forward port 32400 to the Plex app. Your friends can get their own Plex accounts, and you can give them access to your server. There’s no need for any kind of VPN solution here.

you dont think thats unsafe?

I’ve been doing it for the past 10+ years (under FreeNAS, then under CORE, and more recently under SCALE), so no, I don’t think so. I guess I could be wrong, but I haven’t noticed any problems as yet.

This is a fair question. One thing I’ve done is use HAProxy as a buffer for Plex through my pfsense firewall. You can also use ssl with it for folks accessing on the web.

Another idea may be to run a cloudflare tunnel.

Even a simple custom A record and their proxy (which will only work for desktop clients iirc).

Layers to the security onion are always a good idea

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The point is that you don’t actually connect directly to other users via your network but through Plex ( so i assume they have the appropriate measures in place to secure the connection between your server and Plex. I have been doing that for years and no issue. I do not grant any access to others but do use Plex remotely via my tablet or phone.

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