Account deleted? (or was i gone for too long..)

Hi all!

It’s been a while since i visited the forum, and it’s a big improvement indeed!
There was a post i was reading, and i wanted to reply, but my login failed?

Now I noticed that my account was deleted, and i wonder why?

Checked my email/spam, no message received.

So i guess it could be that everyone starts from scratch? (posts, tags, …)

(this is my introduction for anyone wondering)

It’s not that your account was deleted, it’s that the accounts weren’t migrated to the new forum. If someone took your old login, you can ask @kris or @will for help with that.

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We’re all pretty much starting over here. Learning the syntax of Discourse is interesting. Xenoforum did some things better, some things worse, etc. But at least your old posts have not been tossed in the bitbucket. Welcome home.

Is there a way to send someone a private message? I am trying to ask one clarifying question to an archived post in the old forum. I don’t think the user has logged into the new site.

You will be able to after you reach Trust Level 1

I believe they want to message them on the old forum, which is no longer possible.

It still works!

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Thank you!

No, i’m good. Created a fresh one :wink:

Thank you!

Great that the old posts remain read only, but still accessible.
Navigating the old forum has thought me so much, let alone the plethora of good guides, tips, builds, you name it…!


And I just became a “Patron” on the old forum :confused:

And I was almost at 1000 posts…
That’s fine I suppose.

You can just ask a mod and they will give you the option to add a title next to your username.

Thanks for the info.
I didn’t know the accounts wouldn’t be migrated O.o