ACLs and Where to Begin?

Hey everyone! Just discovered the great wide world of SCALE and so far everything has been fantastic except two piece; the VM viewer is pretty meh (not a big deal as I still have my VMware box, for now…) and ACLs. Right now I just have everything on my share open to all users. Now, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. I’m the only one accessing it, but i’d still like to learn to do it correctly. So, I understand the file permissions stuff like rwx or 777 or on a box running a setfacl -R -m g:blah:rwx or a setfacl -d -R -m g:blah:rwx or whatever. However, for some reason the GUI version of this is just throwing me for a loop. It looks simple enough and maybe I’m over complicating it, but every time I try to make it where you need a username to connect, but once your connected you can access certain things or not others and when a different user auths they can access some of the same, some different, and not access the rest. It just ends up being ALL USERS are able to read and not write or execute. The whole thing is confusing and any direction to some literature or YouTube guides or even a well written comment to try to explain it to me from the perspective of setting it up on TrueNAS SCALE would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and any assistance anyone can offer.

First of all, Welcome @ShinraEngineer !

Have you run through our existing ACL documentation?

I’d be interested in your take on this, if we need a better tutorial / primer on ACL’s in general or if others have feedback on how we can make this better introduced to users just getting started.

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I have not! I couldn’t find it when I looked, granted I was looking for a title of ACLs and probably more importantly I skimmed the guide when I did my setup as I followed a few tutorials on YouTube. I’ll give this a read while at work a few times and then try it out tonight and report back my results. Thank you!

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