AD authentication web GUI

Hi everyone!
I’ve already found a lot of similar topics, but they are too old.
As some workaround I’ve already marked that I can create new local (TrueNAS) users and if I add (in GUI) that user to “admin” and/or “builtin_admins” group, than the user can log in to WebGUI of TrueNAS Scale.
In my thoughts if I add domain (AD) user or group to the same local groups there should be an option to log in to WebGUI with domain credentials.
I’ve already enable the domain group “Domain Admins” for using sudo via SSH by adding “DOMAINNAME\domain\ admins ALL(ALL) ALL” to /etc/sudoers and it works.
But when I trying to add DOMAINNAME\domain\ admins or DOMAINNAME\username to /etc/group next to admin or/and builtin_admins groups I still cannot log in to WebGUI with domain credentials.
I’ve also tried to use usermod and it accept to add my domain group or user to local group but any way there is no effect.
I’ve tried to use username@domain, domain\username layouts in logon page (also with caps, domain.local and etc.) but every time “wrong user/password” error.

The idea is managing and logging logons of admins accounts. In perfect scenario also to disable built-in “admin” account for better security.

Could somebody help me to solve this?

AD authentication for webui / API is an enterprise-licensed feature.

Welcome @Grb - Andrew is correct. Let me know if you need to talk to somebody on the iX side about licensing or sales surrounding this functionality.

Got it.
Thank you for quick response!